Source Water Assessment Tool

Source Water Assessment Tool

Location: Kansas

Client: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) retained Burns & McDonnell to assist in collecting source water assessments to satisfy the requirement of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Water Drinking Act. As part of this effort, Burns & McDonnell is building an automated source water assessment tool (ASWAT) that will be accessed over the Internet by individuals throughout the state of Kansas.

Burns & McDonnell was tasked to design and build an automated system to collect data concerning potential contaminants to the state’s public drinking water supplies. Six state agencies will collaborate to collect and assimilate the necessary data. Data being used will include public water supplies, solid waste sites, agribusiness and petroleum energy related sites, other known contaminated sites, land use, watersheds, and water and transportation networks. These data layers will be used in conjunction with information provided by field personnel to prepare online reports for state agencies and the public review. A user will be able to navigate a map or query the data to obtain information for specific public water supplies. If a potential contaminated site is incorrect or missing, the interface will allow the user to update or augment the existing data. For each public water supply, the ASWAT will calculate a susceptibility score by assigning a relative weight to the potential sources of contamination based on proximity and severity.

The completed ASWAT application will provide KDHE a cost-effective tool for assessing the state of public drinking water supplies. KDHE will also have an assembled dataset that can be used across the organization to aid in safeguarding the environment for years to come.

  • Application development
  • Database management
  • Data conversion
  • Internet services
  • Active Server Page