Sequoit Creek Site Investigation

Sequoit Creek Site Investigation

Location: Antioch, Ill.

Client: JVH Trucking and a major insurance company

JVH Trucking Inc. and a major insurance company retained Burns & McDonnell to conduct a site investigation (SI) of Sequoit Creek in Antioch, Ill. The investigation area concerned a 1.3 mile stretch of Sequoit Creek located between the outfall of the Antioch Wastewater Treatment Plant and Illinois Route 173.

The purpose of the SI was to evaluate whether immediate remedial actions were sufficient to mitigate any lasting detrimental impacts from a spill of ferric chloride to water and sediment of Sequoit Creek. The immediate remedial actions included cleaning the area of the overflowed tank, installing two temporary dams in Sequoit Creek at Route 173, removing 230,100 gallons of surface water from Sequoit Creek, and disposing of collected cleaning materials and water.

  • Site investigation
  • Risk assessment
  • Regulatory negotiation

Burns & McDonnell performed SI field activities in accordance with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency-approved Site Investigation Work Plan for Sequoit Creek, Antioch, Ill.

Burns & McDonnell collected 87 sediment samples, including duplicates. Sediment samples were collected at approximately 500-foot intervals along the length of the Sequoit Creek site, including one 300 feet upstream of the spill and one downstream (south) of the temporary dam locations. Burns & McDonnell analyzed sediment samples for iron, chloride, pH and moisture content.

Burns & McDonnell established remediation objectives (ROs) for iron, chloride and pH, protective of public health and the ecological community for the sediment and surface water within the Sequoit Creek site. Burns & McDonnell also established ROs for Sequoit Creek surface water.

Based on our comparison of measured concentrations of iron, chloride and pH in water and sediment with the established ROs for water and sediment, Burns & McDonnell recommended no further action concerning the release to the Sequoit Creek site. The Illinois EPA agreed with Burns & McDonnell’s evaluation and issued a No Further Action letter without comment.