San Diego BSL-3 Laboratory

Location: San Diego

Client: County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency

Burns & McDonnell provided services to program and design the allocated office space of 3,127 square feet into a Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory area.

The purpose of the BSL-3 lab area is to provide capability for the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency Public Health Lab to process bioterrorism samples as defined by Centers for Disease Control Critical Biological Agent Category A – viruses, bacteria and toxins.

These are the agents that cause smallpox, ebola, anthrax, plague and botulism. The lab will also have the capability to process BT samples as defined by CDC Threat Classification – Category B and C.

When not in use for bioterrorism work the BSL-3 lab area will be used for the everyday analysis of other infectious disease samples, such as tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. The lab houses the equipment needed to conduct analysis for bioterrorism samples and day-to-day analysis.

The ventilation system will be engineered to meet BSL-3 requirements. The lab contains both access control systems and CCTV security systems.