Route 30 ITS

Location: St. Louis and Jefferson counties of Missouri

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

Completion Date: 2007

Burns & McDonnell completed the design of a combination fiber optic and wireless backbone for more than 25 miles of principal and aerial highway for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) in St. Louis and Jefferson counties. This purpose of this project was to enhance MoDOT’s intelligent transportation system (ITS) by interconnect signals and backhauling data to MoDOT’s Traffic Information Center (TIC) in Chesterfield.

  • Fiber optic backbone design
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Dynamic message sign installation
  • Traffic signal interconnect

MoDOT’s ITS for the greater St. Louis area, known as Gateway Guide, has completed its first stage of deployment. As the system matures, MoDOT is expanding it to cover key principal and aerial highways. This project is one of these. The focus of the project was to extend the communications backbone out Route 30 from Route 141 to the west-most traffic signal on Route 30 in Jefferson County. Also included was the extension of communication south on Route 141 from Route 30 to Route 21 in Jefferson County; extend south on Route MM from Route 30 to the Route MM/Hillsboro-House Springs Road intersection, also in Jefferson County; and to run along Route P in St. Louis County from Route 366 to Route 30. This last section would allow for the standalone traffic signal interconnect on Route 30 to communicate with the TIC.

  • 15 miles of fiber optic cable
  • Six wireless repeater stations
  • 32 signals connected to ITS backbone
  • Dynamic message sign selection