Route 19 Missouri River Bridge

Route 19 Missouri River Bridge

Location: Hermann, Mo.

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

This award-winning 2,244-foot bridge replaced an obsolete, narrow bridge over the Missouri River that was built in 1930. The new structure is more than three times with width of the original.

The 460-foot navigation span on the main river unit is among the first generation of highway bridges to benefit from the improved strength and easier fabrication associated with the use of high-performance steel plate girders.

The new bridge has a 44-foot roadway and an 8-foot protected bikeway. The bridge provides a connection between the town of Hermann and the Katy Trail, a popular tourist draw.


  • Span layout studies
  • Preliminary design and cost estimates
  • Final design and construction plans
  • Coordination with U.S. Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers and Union Pacific Railroad
  • Aesthetic studies
  • Bikeway studies
  • Staged construction studies
  • Coordination with local transportation corporation and historical preservation groups