Rotor Coating Project

Rotor Coating Project

Location: Hurst, Texas

Client: Bell Helicopter

For Bell Helicopter, an internationally known leader in the manufacturing of military and commercial helicopters and associated parts, Burns & McDonnell provided expertise in process time study, facility layout, material handling systems and system automation for the development of a state-of-the-art aerospace manufacturing paint facility.

The resulting layout maximizes throughput with an emphasis on flexibility. The automated material handling system delivers parts to and retrieves parts from various work station operations which include: washing, sanding, sand blasting, primer coat applications, finish coat applications, flash off area, curing oven, and part cool-down area.

Parts, which are tracked with RFID tagging, are delivered to the station operators, allowing plant management to dictate production rates. The layout and automated material handling system can accommodate any mix of parts, eliminating batch production and allowing “fast-tracking” of priority parts.