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Roof-Mounted PV Arrays

Roof-Mounted PV Arrays

Location: Hickam Air Base, Honolulu

Client: Hawaii Air National Guard

Completion Date: Ongoing

Burns & McDonnell was retained by the Air National Guard to perform detailed design for several photovoltaic (PV) arrays on the Hickam Air National Guard Base in Honolulu. The projects consist of multiple roof-mounted and covered parking PV arrays. The total is estimated to eventually eclipse 1 megawatt (MW) installed.

Burns & McDonnell is doing civil, structural and electrical design and providing detailed documents for bidding.

The modeling program PV Syst was used to construct the simulation using TMY3 data for Honolulu International Airport. The simulations were used to compare multiple technologies and the feasibility of each technology's construction and implementation. Burns & McDonnell provided a holistic photovoltaic design based on experience with both airport and photovoltaic design.

Return on investment calculations were produced using the production model from PV Syst and a construction estimate. The financial evaluation for each array was conducted for each configuration and the assorted technologies to best evaluate economic decisions.

  • Structural design
  • PV Syst production model
  • Return on investment
  • Technology comparison
  • Site evaluation
  • Construction documents
  • FAA compliance
  • Construction phase services

F-22 Maintenance Hangar  — design has been bid

  • 130-kW roof-mounted
  • 300-kW covered parking

F-22 Simulator Facility — current design

  • 60-kW roof-mounted

F-22 WTC — current design

  • 15-kW roof-mounted
  • 60-kW covered parking

Covered Parking General — current design

  • More than 300-kW