Rio Verde Water Reclamation Facility

Rio Verde Water Reclamation Facility

Location: Rio Verde, Ariz.

Client: Rio Verde Utilities Inc.

Completion Date: June 2008

Rio Verde is a retirement community northeast of Phoenix, adjacent to the Tonto National Forest. The community’s water and wastewater services are provided by Rio Verde Utilities, a privately owned and operated utility company.

Burns & McDonnell is performing comprehensive wastewater treatment facilities master planning and design for the upgrade and expansion of Rio Verde Water Reclamation Facility. The existing plant consists of influent pumping, fine screens, oxidation ditches, square clarifiers with vacuum sludge removal, pressure sand filters and chlorine disinfection. The solids are removed from the clarifiers and held in sludge holding tanks until dewatering via a plate and frame press.

The facility owners are in need of expanding the capacity and upgrading some of the existing components of the plant in order to meet the capacity needs of the future development in Rio Verde. This must be accomplished without the increasing the physical size of the plant. Preliminary investigations have shown that the most effective means of expansion within the existing footprint is to convert the existing clarifiers into membrane bioreactors.

The clarifier mechanisms will be removed and ultrafiltration membranes will be installed. The oxidation ditches will continue to function in much the same manner with some changes to the aeration systems. With the addition of the membranes, the pressure sand filters will be removed. Additionally, the effluent force main, which conveys the reclaimed water to local golf courses, will be upsized and replaced.

Once the facility plan is complete, the upgrades and expansion will be accomplished through a design-build project delivery method.

  • Facility planning
  • Hydraulic modeling and analysis
  • Detailed design
  • Construction services
  • Membrane biological reactor
  • Effluent discharge
  • Influent pumps
  • Screening
  • SCADA upgrade