Reservoir Water Quality Database Web Site

Reservoir Water Quality Database Web Site

Location: Florida

Client: South Florida Water Management District

The Water Quality Impacts of Reservoirs (WQIR) project was initiated as part of the "Long-Term Plan for Achieving Water Quality Goals in the Everglades Protection Area" to help predict water quality changes that may occur as water is stored temporarily in the planned Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) water storage reservoirs, such as the Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir. The goal of the WQIR project was to acquire and analyze data sets that can be used to help calibrate analytical models that predict water quality released from these reservoirs.

The project included an initiative to provide an Internet application for viewing and downloading the analyzed data. The study area included 36 candidate sites, defined as having the potential to yield calibration data sets, and within the 36 candidates, eight preferred sites containing more robust data. Collected data types included hydrologic, water quality, climatic, physical and operation data, which in all comprised more than 1,000 field parameters.

The Internet application provided users the ability to build dynamic queries against all of the hydrologic data and to download predefined data sets. One of the greatest challenges was designing the query interface to be robust and flexible and yet intuitive, so all users could harness the application functionality.

Users were given the option to interact with the map viewer independently or concurrently as they built their dynamic queries. The map interface included the standard tools of zooming, panning, and selecting data features by both points and polygons. Ultimately the application proved to be powerful because it provided users the functionality to efficiently identify pertinent information and download it into their own analysis, without having to sift through the massive amounts of data.

  • Application development
  • Internet services
  • Data conservation
  • Data deployment