Repair Wing Headquarters Renovation

Repair Wing Headquarters Renovation

Location: Buckley Air Force Base, Colo.

Client: U.S. Air Force

Completion Date: Design: 2009; Construction: 2011

The Wing Headquarters Building, Building 706, was an existing 31,706-square-foot facility with 8,448 square feet assigned to Security Forces and the remainder assigned to dining, administration and training spaces serving the mission of the of the 140th Fighter Wing. This project was needed to accommodate the reassignment of the Security Forces to a different facility and reassign spaces so that the facility would meet general training support requirements, particularly the needs of the Honor Guard Flight. Other functions within the facility include office space for the wing commander and dining and training spaces for wing operations.

Burns & McDonnell provided facility renovation design modifications to the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems.

  • The HVAC design included replacing aging equipment, modifying the HVAC system to accommodate the user's requirements and the new wall locations and provided an energy recovery system to precondition the outside air.
  • The plumbing system design included replacing the water heater with two small units to help conserve energy and modifying the restrooms to meet ADA requirements.
  • The fire protection system design included adding a reduced pressure detector fire protection backflow preventer to the wet pipe sprinkler system that serves the facility being renovated and verified the pressure on the existing fire protection system is adequate to accommodate the added pressure on the system.