Rental Car Facilities ADA Compliance Program

Location: Nationwide, United States

Burns & McDonnell provided program management services for bringing 1,500 facilities and properties into compliance with Titles I and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The two-year multiphased program included performing all planning, site audits, design and construction needed to upgrade car rental, car sales, heavy equipment rental and corporate office sites.

Phase I consisted of performing planning and programming functions to determine the magnitude and scope of the program. Facility questionnaires were mailed and a relational database created to make preliminary analysis and assessments of property conditions, features and functions. A detailed program management plan was written to develop a process for auditing and reporting each site, evaluate acquisition methods for performing construction, develop contracting procedures consistent with the client’s standards, and to develop a schedule to perform the work in a two-year window. In addition, typical sites were selected for auditing and upgrading in order to validate the program management plan.

Phase II consisted of on-site audits of all facilities and properties, recommendations for improvements, acquiring and managing construction contracts, inspecting and accepting all final construction, processing contractor payments to and providing final reports for each site to the client.