Renovate Office of Hangar 1

Renovate Office of Hangar 1

Location: Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Client: Scott Air Force Base

Burns & McDonnell was retained by Scott Air Force Base to renovate the west side of Hangar 1, Building 433. The work consisted of the renovation of approximately 11,700 square feet to accommodate aircraft parts, supply functions and office area.

The scope of work included:

  • Demolish existing interior partition walls, furring, ceiling, floorings, interior and exterior doors, exterior windows and surrounding framing. Existing women’s restroom was demolished. All or part of existing men’s restroom was demolished.
  • Provide interior design.
  • New furring and insulation on inside of existing exterior masonry walls.
  • New exterior windows and doors.
  • Tuckpoint exterior brick and seal penetrations.
  • New interior non-load bearing, metal stud and gypsum board walls.
  • New ceilings throughout (where required — offices, etc). Ceilings requirements included 2-foot-by-4-foot acoustical tile in office and admin areas. Ceilings in restrooms required moisture resistant gypsum board.
  • New flooring (carpet tile, VCT and sealed concrete). New vinyl base at all walls. Patch existing slab on grade as required.
  • New doors and borrowed lights for private offices and conference rooms.
  • New paint on all walls.
  • Selected finishes and colors for all areas.
  • Selected new private office furniture.
  • Selected open office furniture.
  • Selected conference room, break room and other furniture.
  • Provided complete mechanical design services including HVAC, piping, plumbing and fire protection design for this building.
  • Performed code review and analysis for facility.
  • Performed field surveys identifying the existing conditions.
  • The existing HVAC, piping, plumbing, and fire protections systems was demolished except for the existing steam boiler.
  • Provided design for a packaged VAV HVAC system to serve building. Included was ductwork distribution, VAV boxes, diffusers, controls and exhaust systems.
  • Provide specification for all equipment.
  • The cooling load calculations were based on an inside temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and an outside temperature of 95 degrees dry bulb and 78 degrees wet bulb.
  • Provided controls design to include schematic drawing of system and sequence of operation.
  • Provided plumbing systems for building include the restrooms, a break room and a janitors closet.
  • Restrooms were made ADA accessible.
  • Design conformed to national, state and local codes requirements, including military handbooks, UFC, NFPA, International Mechanical Code, International Plumbing Code, ASHRAE guidelines, ASHRAE 62-99, ASHRAE 90.1, SMACNA guidelines, and other applicable codes and industry guidelines.
  • Provided water heater for plumbing systems.
  • Demolished existing interior electrical devices, lighting, conduit, wire, receptacles, etc. Existing electrical service and distribution equipment were left as is, i.e. medium voltage switch PMS 433, transformers 433A (208/120V) and 433B (480/277V), and all panelboards will remain. Existing data/com service termination were left as is.
  • Demolished existing branch circuits (conduit, wiring, breakers, etc.) to mechanical equipment (condensing unit and air handler). Existing boiler and associated pumps, etc., were left as is.
  • Existing electrical feeders, branch circuits, data/com and fire protection systems, including deluge sprinkler systems for Hangar 1 and the building on the east side of Hangar 1 that originate in or are routed through the building to be renovated, remained the same.
  • Designed and did specifications for the following new systems and equipment throughout the renovated interior space:
    • General lighting in the various spaces (no task lighting). Automatic lighting controls (occupancy sensors) in restrooms and offices only.
    • 120V convenience outlets and data/com outlets in the various spaces.
    • Power and data/com interfaces to system furniture.
    • Emergency lighting and exit signs.
    • Fire detection system and interface to sprinkler system.
    • Emergency horn/strobes.
    • Feed new HVAC air handler and condensing units.
    • Fiber for data/communication
    • Coordinated electrical and data/com requirements for open office furniture selection with Scott Air Force Base.
    • Designed and wrote specifications of new 240V, three-phase distribution for new power receptacles in Hangar 1.
    • Designed and specified new power receptacles in Hangar 1 (approximately six outlets).