Refuse-Derived Fuel Gasification Pilot

Location: Anaheim, Calif.

Client: World Waste Technologies Inc.

Completion Date: 2008

To assist Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) in complying with the California Renewable Portfolio Standards, World Waste Technologies negotiated with PG&E for three power purchase agreements for the production of renewable energy. World Waste Technologies plans to develop power generation facilities that will produce renewable energy from synthesis gas derived from the gasification of municipal solid waste.

  • Design drawings
  • Site layouts
  • Heat and mass balances
  • Cost estimating
  • Process modeling
  • Permitting

World Waste Technologies plans to develop facilities throughout Northern California that will use a gasification process for converting residual municipal solid waste, or green waste, and the organic portion of construction and demolition debris into a synthesis gas. This syngas will then be used in a boiler/turbine/generator setup to produce roughly 20 MW of electricity per facility. This electricity would then be sold to PG&E.

Gasification is a process where materials are transformed into a gas mixture that can be efficiently burned or catalytically reacted to recover energy in the form of electricity. For this project, standard Rankine-cycle steam generating equipment is planned for electricity production.

Burns & McDonnell is consulting for World Waste Technologies on this gasification project. Burns & McDonnell provided site layouts; calculated both heat and mass balances; created drawings for the design optimization center for the Anaheim, Calif., pilot plant; and prepared piping and instrumentation diagrams. Burns & McDonnell was also involved with equipment sizing, design of refractory-lined vessels, process optimization through design research, gas scrubbing, and finished product gas storage and removal through boiler combustion and permitting.

World Waste Technologies has partnered with Applied Power Concepts in Anaheim, Calif., to construct a biomass gasification technology evaluation facility. This facility would provide the infrastructure and capability to process representative quantities of feedstock and is specifically equipped with the required instrumentation to quantify and separate components within the syngas. Applied Power Concepts is equipped to provide ready access to small-scale, spark-assisted internal combustion engines and steam boiler technology, from which emissions measurements may be used to develop a representative profile of any emissions that are generated from the use of the syngas as a fuel.