RCRA & Professional Engineering Services

Location: Kansas City, Kan.

Client: Harcros Chemicals Inc.

Completion Date: 1999

Burns & McDonnell has been providing professional engineering services for Harcros Chemicals Inc. since 1987. The Harcros Chemicals Inc. facility in Kansas City, Kan., is a chemical manufacturing facility that formerly manufactured herbicides and formulated pesticides. The facility is conducting a RCRA Facility Investigation/Corrective Measures Study (RFI/CMS) under the RCRA Corrective Action (CA) program.

  • RCRA services
  • Fate and transport modeling
  • Pilot testing
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Remedial design and construction services
  • Closure and post-closure activities

Groundwater Monitoring
As part of the RFI, Burns & McDonnell has conducted routine groundwater monitoring activities in accordance with the approved work plan. During the RFI, multiple rounds of sample collection for chemical analysis were completed. Water level measurements were completed during these sampling events, and at numerous other times to gather sufficient information on seasonal and yearly trends. As part of this sampling program, separate groundwater analyses have been completed to assess the degree of biological activity occurring in the groundwater beneath the site, and the potential benefit of natural attenuation for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Semi-annual and annual monitoring reports were submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the program. In 1999, the groundwater sampling program for the RFI was reduced to quarterly water-level measurements.

As part of the closed Surface Impoundment (SI) post-closure plan, routine groundwater monitoring has been completed by Burns & McDonnell on either a quarterly or semiannual basis since 1990. Statistical analysis is performed on the data results, and presented in annual groundwater monitoring reports.  In addition, Burns & McDonnell has prepared the Groundwater Quality Assessment Report for the Closed SI.

Remedial Design and Construction Services
Burns & McDonnell designed an aboveground equalization tank with secondary containment, pump station, and sewers to serve the function of the former RCRA surface impoundment. After approval from regulatory agencies, the project was advertised and bids received. Burns & McDonnell provided construction supervision. The contract was completed on time. Burns & McDonnell also developed bidding documents to encapsulate (using a polyethylene foam) a pesticide processing plant, which was to be secured on-site. After approval by regulatory agencies, bids were solicited and received. Harcros decided not to award the contract following a regulatory revision.

Closure and Post-Closure Activities
Burns & McDonnell developed the Closure and Post-Closure Plan for the 1-acre RCRA surface impoundment located at the facility. Burns & McDonnell also developed plans and specifications for bidding purposes. These documents were all approved by regulatory agencies. Burns & McDonnell assisted Harcros in the contractor bidding and selection process. Burns & McDonnell provided part-time inspection during the construction phase of a RCRA cap. The closure was completed within the allocated time.

Burns & McDonnell continues to conduct routine groundwater sampling, data evaluation and report preparation to comply with the requirements of the Post-Closure Plan and a consent agreement with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment.