Pure Water Treatment System

Location: Charleston, S.C.

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast

Completion Date: August 2013

Burns & McDonnell designed a Pure Water Treatment System (PWS) facility for the Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) in Charleston, S.C. The broader project included two training buildings, a berthing pier extension, and oily water treatment system and a PWS.

The PWS uses potable water as a primary feed water source to produce de-ionized water (less than 2.5 micromhos per centimeter) for on-demand delivery to the piers. The PWS system is designed to produce 10 gallons per minute from each of two trains. Each train includes a Commercial Pure Water Processing section (CPWP) and a Clean Water Processing (CWP) section.

  • Evaluation of existing system
  • Process design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Development of contract specifications
  • Development of contract drawings

The design includes feed water sampling and testing to characterize the feed water quality, along with a review of similar existing systems and on-site interviews with operations and maintenance personnel to develop a list of lessons learned. Both the characterization and the lessons learned exercise were used in the development of the treatment process and process design.

The design work included equipment selection, hydraulic analysis, 3-D building information modeling (BIM) and preparation of construction documents, including equipment specifications and contract drawings. Contract drawings included a flow diagram, process and instrument diagrams, equipment layout, equipment sections and details, piping layout, piping sections and details, tank details and equipment schedules. The project also included a basis of design document, funding and phasing plan, system descriptions and diagrams (SDD), project schedule and construction cost opinion.

The CPWP section includes the following unit treatment processes:

  • Activated carbon: Two 18-cubic-foot vessels
  • Bag filtration: 2 micron filter
  • Reverse osmosis system: Single-pass, dual-stage system
  • Demineralizer system for polishing: Cationic, anionic and mixed-bed vessels

The CWP system includes the following processes and meet strict U.S. Navy cleanliness standards:

  • Mixed-bed demineralizer
  • Metal edge filter
  • Pure Water Storage Tanks (PWST): four tanks holding about 5,000 gallons each
  • Pure water supply pumps
  • Nitrogen generator for nitrogen blanketing the PWST