Plating Facility

Location: Indianapolis

Client: Confidential subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand

Burns & McDonnell provided concept design services and cost estimating for the construction of a new 65,000-square-foot facility with multiple integrated automated processing lines for decorative finishing for an Indianapolis subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand.

Chemical processes include a variety of conversion coatings, copper, nickel, chrome, bronze, tin, brass and lead electroplating. Additional finishing processes include painting, powder coating, buffing, polishing and aging. The concept design utilizes lean manufacturing concepts for processing area layouts and the provision for future expansion of manufacturing processes. Incorporated into the design are specialized support structures to minimize the impact of seismic activity on the cyanide-based chemical processes.

Burns & McDonnell also developed a concept design for the industrial wastewater treatment plant in support of the new plating facility project. The treatment system was designed to be compact due to limited facility space.

The treatment processes include alkaline chlorination for cyanide destruction, neutralization for concentrated acids and alkalis, and hydroxide precipitation for heavy metals. The effluent from the treatment processes was designed to be recovered and reused within the plating facility. Membrane separation and ion exchange technologies were employed to generate deionized (DI) quality water for reuse in the process. This design reduced the overall facility water demand by 80 percent.