Perryville Power Station

Location: Perryville, La.

Client: CLECO

Completion Date: 2002

Burns & McDonnell provided design, procurement and construction services for a 570-MW combined cycle and 180-MW simple cycle power generation station on a greenfield site.

  • Complete plant design
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Total output will be 750 MW. The project encompasses three General Electric 7FA combustion turbine (CT) generators designed for outdoor installation. One CT is designed for simple cycle operation; the other two are coupled with two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and a single common steam turbine (ST) generator to operate in combined cycle mode. Owner is providing the CTs and the ST. The CTs are designed to use evaporative cooling and steam injection power augmentation during summer operation.

The grid interconnection is to Entergy at 500-kV under a separate contract by others with the owner. The grid interconnection contract includes the 500-kV switchyard and connection to the high side of the main step-up transformers. Owner will provide the step-up transformer for the simple cycle CT.

The power plant is designed for a plant operations and maintenance staff of approximately 25 people. Control of the plant is from a central control room via a distributed control system (DCS).

  • Accelerated schedule
  • Three GE 7FA combustion turbines
  • Gas fired
  • Turbines in outdoor installation