Performance Contracting & Chilled Water Plant

Performance Contracting & Chilled Water Plant

Location: Kansas City, Mo.

Client: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Completion Date: October 2008

Burns & McDonnell was selected to provide performance contracting services in 27 university buildings covering over 2 million square feet at the Volker Campus and Hospital Hill facilities. The goal was to identify sufficient cost savings via energy conservation strategies to fund the proposed retrofits, but also to cover the large capital cost of replacing the existing central chilled water plant. Burns & McDonnell met this challenge and developed a program that satisfied the University’s criteria.

Scope of Services

  • Design and construction of new a central chilled water plant featuring four water cooled centrifugal York chillers and associated piping and pumps
  • Variable flow, occupancy-based fume hood exhaust controls
  • High efficiency lighting retrofits
  • Medical school chiller replacement
  • Variable frequency drives and high efficiency motors installed on fans and pumps
  • Convert constant volume air handlers to variable air volume
  • Low-flow plumbing retrofits
  • Steam leak surveys
  • Expand and enhance energy management system controls and reporting capabilities
  • Assist in hiring an energy resource manager for UMKC to enhance and discover additional sources of energy savings

Key Project Benefits

By implementing the recommended energy conservation strategies, the university will increase the reliability of critical systems such as the chilled water, electric, and plumbing systems benefiting each student, instructor, administrator, and visitor to the campus. The facilities will have learning and working environments which contribute to the productivity and health of each person. The project also provides fiscal responsibility by paying for these retrofits out of energy and cost savings over the next fifteen years. The net energy reduction for the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses is 27% resulting in a net emissions reduction of 30%.

Annual Savings Guarantee

  • Cost savings
    • $1.6 million
  • Energy savings
    • 11.8 million kWh (22.8% reduction, electricity)
    • 51,348 kW (45.6% reduction, electricity)
    • 613,559 Therms (30.8% reduction, natural gas)
    • 21,024,908 gallons (29.4% reduction, water)


Emissions Reductions

  • 11,706 tons of CO2
  • 26 tons of NOx
  • 52 tons of SO2
  • 224,465 milligrams of Hg
  • Net 30% reduction of emissions