Peace Vector IV

Location: Sakara Air Base, Egypt

Client: Sakara Air Base

Burns & McDonnell was responsible for the upgrade of the Sakara Air Base in Egypt. Base electrical and communications construction total was approximately $80 million out of the $300 million total project construction cost. The base will accommodate the beddown of two squadrons of F-16 fighter aircraft and its 3,000 base personnel. Design responsibilities included master planning, site investigation, criteria development, engineering and construction documentation. Design and system integration management of telecommunications and data systems for the complete air base was part of this effort. Included was the design of communication systems for more than 100 facilities and a complete basewide communications system distribution infrastructure. Internal building wiring for communications systems was provided within each structure including service entrance cables, distributed wiring and telephone instruments. Base distribution system included the design of a complete ductbank network that consisted of more than 700 manholes, 90 km of fiber optic cables and 80 km of copper communications cables. This system was supported with six Northern Telecom Meridian 1 PABX switches located on base. Also supported was an Integrated Logistic Support System that utilizes fiber optic cable to facilitate data communications between 12 remote terminals and a central computer system.