Pardee Road Bridge over Gravois Creek

Location: Crestwood, Mo.

Client: City of Crestwood, Mo., Public Works Department

Completion Date: Summer 2009

The new bridge will replace an older, deficient structure that presented a safety hazard to motorists on the roadway due to a tight corner on the southwest side of the bridge. The new bridge will be upstream from the current bridge and will be a multi-span structure featuring two 12-foot-wide drive lanes, two shoulders and a 5-foot-wide pedestrian walkway, for a minimum deck width of 39 feet. Actual deck width will be determined based upon traffic analysis, AASHTO guidelines, and the width necessary to remove the tight corner. The new structure will cross the creek at an angle, improving the safety and geometry of the roadway.

  • Bridge and road design
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Surveying
  • Environmental and cultural clearance and permitting

Pardee Road runs through Crestwood, carrying many visitors to tourist destination Grant’s Farm. The Pardee Road bridge’s alignment with Grant Road and Gravois Creek was a hazard for years. According to Crestwood Public Services Director James Eckrich, cars and trucks have collided with the sides of the existing bridge.

The state inspects bridges and rates their condition on a scale of zero to 100, with a rating of 50 or below considered a high priority for repair. Several years ago, the Pardee Road bridge was rated a 25.7, thus deeming repair a necessity.

  • Improved traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Roadway straightening