P&L Railroad Relocation

Location: Kentucky Lake, Ky.

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Hanson Professional Services

Before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could enlarge the locks governing Kentucky Dam, the railway and highway bridge that went over the dam had to be moved downstream over the Tennessee River. For its part of the massive project, Harrington & Cortelyou designed a 500-foot railroad truss span that would pass over the navigation channel, along with the truss span piers. To streamline installation, the truss span was erected off-site and floated into place on the Tennessee River.

A new 120-foot through-plate girder span over Kentucky Highway 282 was designed for construction during track windows, with slide-in construction to reduce disruption of railroad traffic.

  • Truss span erected off-site and floated in
  • Seismic criteria
  • Drilled shafts founded in Karst geological formation
  • Truss span cost and constructability studies
  • Shop drawing and eriction drawing reviews
  • Replacement of three-span concrete bridge with new single-span 120-foot through-plate girder bridge over Kentucky Highway 282