Overhead Transmission & Substations

Location: Imperial, Calif.

Client: Imperial Irrigation District

The initial project consisted of 43 miles of lattice steel tower double circuit 230-kV, 44 miles of tubular pole double circuit 230-kV and 12 miles of wood pole double circuit 92-kV transmission lines. Additional transmission projects consist of 11 miles of double circuit 161-kV tubular steel structures, 7.5 miles of double circuit 92-kV wood poles. The initial substation projects were two new 230/92-kV substations and one 230-kV substation addition, also three 92/13.2-kV substations, one new 92-kV switching station, one 92-kV switching station rebuild, and additions to a major 230/92-kV substation. The project was done to allow the district to wheel up to 600 MW of power from plants in southern and mid-Imperial County to their connection with Southern California Edison Company in Riverside County.