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Ongoing Project Delivery

Location: Edwardsville, Ill.

Client: National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center

During 2008-13, Burns & McDonnell provided site-based project delivery services to the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center in Edwardsville, Ill. Our engineers worked on dozens of plant initiatives, retrofits, upgrades and expansions involving multidisciplinary design, program management and design/build delivery of larger projects. Services were provided from conception through start-up/commissioning.

Representative projects

  • Advanced biofuels initiative
  • Corn fractionation
  • Fermentation suite
  • Distillation study
  • Vent condensers
  • Evaporation upgrade
  • Fermenter pumps
  • Dryer feed conditioning upgrade
  • Mezzanine
  • HVAC study
  • Lab addition
  • Front-end planning (FEP) studies
  • Detail design
  • Program management
  • Site services
  • Engineer-procure-construct (EPC)/design-build

Advanced biofuels initiative
Burns & McDonnell provided a feasibility study to incorporate feedstock prep, pretreatment, hydrolysis and fermentation, product recovery, utilities, and facilities for the processing of cellulosic materials. NeaTech was used as a subconsultant to provide industry and academic studies.

Corn fractionation
Burns & McDonnell provided services from conception to start-up/commissioning to retrofit a front-end corn fractionation system. The project included demolition of existing process systems, installation of the corn fractionation system, and facility enhancements to isolate the front-end systems from the plant.

Fermentation suite
Burns & McDonnell engineered and detailed utility and support systems for the reactors installed as part of the project. A bio-sump and pump were designed, detailed and installed into a mat-style floor. The north wall of the room was modified to include an overhead coiling door.

HVAC study
Burns & McDonnell provided an HVAC study to provide cooling to the Fermentation Suite.

Distillation study
Burns & McDonnell provided FEP-1 and FEP-2-level services to increase capacity of the distillation and dehydration system. FEP-1 identified bottlenecks and proposed solutions to increase capacity. FEP-2 simulated the concept design, generated a process flow diagram, determined rough equipment sizing, checked existing equipment and piping, and generated a factored cost estimate.

Vent condensers
Burns & McDonnell engineered and designed vent condensers to control vapor phase emissions from liquefaction and fermentation. This project included an automated CIP delivery system and a mezzanine.

Evaporation upgrade
Burns & McDonnell defined the performance requirements for a plate and frame heat exchanger for use as the heating element in the evaporation system to minimize system hold-up volume. This project provided a new recirculation system, complete with pump, piping and instruments and controls and modified an existing mezzanine.

Fermenter pumps
Burns & McDonnell engineered and detailed a new mixing and pumping system for the fermenters. The new systems used rotary positive displacement pumps and tank mixing eductors.

Dryer feed conditioning upgrade
Burns & McDonnell detailed the reconfiguration of the equipment feeding the rotary drum dryer. This project included replacement of the mixer and new screw conveyors.

Lab addition
Burns & McDonnell specified casework, countertops, sink, faucet, and accessories to convert an office to a lab. A sump pump was provided to collect liquid waste from the sink and pump to a bio-sump inside of the plant for special handling.