New Century AirCenter

New Century AirCenter

Location: New Century, Kan.

Client: Johnson County Airport Commission

Completion Date: 2005

Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation
Burns & McDonnell designed the rehabilitation of Runway 18-36 at New Century AirCenter. The rehabilitation included milling off existing asphalt pavement and overlay with new asphalt pavement. The overlay was placed to correct the varying cross slope on the runway. The 7,338-foot by 190-foot runway will be reduced in width to 150 feet. New runway edge lighting will be installed in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards for the reduced runway width. Additional improvements include new high intensity runway lights (HIRL), relocation of VAS/5 and PAPIs. This project will be phased to maintain air traffic throughout construction.

Apron Rehabilitation
Burns & McDonnell was selected to develop a cost-effective pavement remediation plan for the 21,000-square-yard transient apron. After nearly 60 years of use, the apron exhibited signs of spalling, joint failure and D-cracking. The pavement was no longer capable of supporting aircraft and created a large amount of foreign object debris (FOD). The solution included milling the surface of the existing concrete and rubblizing the remaining concrete to create a new interlocked base course which a new asphalt surface was placed on. The cost of remediating the ramp using the rubblizing alternative was less than half the cost of traditional methods of removing and replacing the existing pavement system with a new asphaltic concrete surface.

Pavement Rehabilitation
Burns & McDonnell was responsible for pavement repairs, crack sealing and slurry sealing of 350,000 square yards of asphalt runways and taxiways. Also provided were runway and taxiway markings printed on all pavements. The project was phased to accommodate access to hangars and one runway so all would be operational during construction.

Kansas Asphalt Paving Association — 2006 — Johnson County New Century AirCenter Runway 18-36, National Award for Best Runway Project