Naval Air Warfare Center Jet Engine Testing Facilities

Naval Air Warfare Center Jet Engine Testing Facilities

Location: Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn.

Client: Mobile District, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force

This project provided for relocating the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division propulsion test capability from Trenton, N.J., to Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn. Burns & McDonnell provided full architectural and engineering services for two new jet engine testing facilities for validating and testing Navy air breathing aviation prototype propulsion systems. The test cells are used to conduct stationary engine tests, which simulate extreme environmental operating conditions and lengthy endurance tests.

The project consisted of constructing two test cells configured for sea level environmental operations using extensively modified T-9 test cells. A RAM-air delivery system was also designed to provide 65 degrees below zero Fahrenheit to 260 degrees Fahrenheit supply air at over mach 1 to each cell’s engine configuration. Each building includes an aircraft test chamber, work space, a test control room and associated facilities, utilities and equipment. The exhaust gas extraction system includes installed silencers. A fuel tank farm, delivery and conditioning system supplies fuel to the engine during testing. Each engine test requires an online real-time data acquisition and processing system in an adjacent sound attenuated control room.

Burns & McDonnell was responsible for full design of the facility through a partnership with the Mobile District, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. Work included intensive on-site investigations of existing facilities, mechanical systems and electrical and control systems to provide sustainable design solutions for reliable operations and maintenance. Burns & McDonnell participated in contractor evaluations and completed Title II services, which included on-site resident assistance for inspection and management, updating of as-built drawings, review of submittals, witness testing, preparation of operations and maintenance manuals and overall assistance to the resident staff.