NERC Compliance Documentation & Policy Development

Location: Waco, Texas

Client: Brazos Electric Power Cooperative

Completion Date: June 2008

Burns & McDonnell provided Brazos Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) with documentation to ensure compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) Reliability Standards. Burns & McDonnell developed policies and procedures that are necessary to prove that specific actions, processes and communication standards are met. Tasks performed:

  • Created structure of relationships matrix for all policies, procedures and supporting documents related to NERC and Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)/Texas Regional Entity (TRE) guidelines.
  • Customized policies to meet NERC compliance based on client’s accepted format.
  • Worked with asset owners to map processes related to specific procedures necessary for NERC compliance.
  • Documented processes and procedures in flowcharts and accompanying text to describe NERC-related actions.
  • Updated and/or created related supporting documents including but not limited to each requirement as specified for BEPC relevant NERC-qualified functions (transmission owners/TO, general owners/GO, general operators/GOP, transmission planners/TP, distribution providers/DP).
  • Worked with client to finalize documents and materials through final approval processes as defined jointly by Burns & McDonnell and BEPC.

Burns & McDonnell provided the following deliverables to the client:

  • NERC compliance documents
  • Roles and responsibilities matrix
  • Policies and procedures
  • Supporting documents
  • Complete NERC policy and procedure documents
  • Executive presentation
  • Development of necessary documentation to prove compliance with NERC Reliability Standards