Mobile Inventory Solution

Mobile Inventory Solution

Location: Peace Vector 6, Egypt

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Egyptian Air Force

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has an ongoing program to aid the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) with facility design and construction. Peace Vector 6 represents the sixth air base the Corps has built with EAF. The project is a multiyear design-build project. As the base is designed, key operational equipment is specified and purchased. Equipment, tools and machines used for maintaining aircraft must be tracked upon arrival in Egypt. The problem EAF faced was the long intervals between ordering, receiving, installing and implanting  equipment.

Burns & McDonnell created a mobile inventory solution for EAF that allowed confirmation of delivery for more than 14,000 unique pieces of equipment scattered over five warehouse and military locations. The solution uses Pocket PC devices and enables EAF to manage the supply chain from receipt to warehousing and ensure items arrive as ordered.

The mobile platforms were expanded during a later phase of this project to record installation of equipment. Digital photos taken of the equipment are automatically indexed and warehoused in the inventory control system which allows EAF to manage the equipment database. This transition from inventory control to asset management will be enhanced to enable the devices to be used for equipment maintenance and work order management.

Using the tools that Burns & McDonnell crafted, the Egyptian Air Force has transitioned from clipboards and inefficiency to a streamlined asset management system that is poised to evolve with their needs.

  • Mobile applications development
  • Database development
  • Asset management

Primary technologies used:

  • Microsoft Access database
  • Mobile Pocket PC devices
  • Multiple device synchronizing and conflict management