Missouri Energy Performance Contract

Missouri Energy Performance Contract

Location: Various sites throughout northwest Missouri

Client: State of Missouri

Completion Date: December 2008

Burns & McDonnell was selected to provide comprehensive program analysis and energy performance contracting services at 12 sites encompassing more than 2 million square feet. Burns & McDonnell’s team of engineering professionals assessed each facility’s operational characteristics and provided upgrade and improvement recommendations. Construction began in February 2008 with the fast-tracking of the 450-ton chiller plant replacement at Northwest Missouri Psych Rehab to defer costly summertime maintenance.

In addition to energy and water conservation programs, the project included facility upgrades such as roof replacement and insulation programs. Burns & McDonnell’s professional staff provided all engineering and architectural design, construction management and measurement and verification services.

  • Energy services performance contracting
  • Comprehensive program analysis
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Construction management
  • Measurement and verification

Key Project Benefits

By implementing the recommended energy conservation strategies, Missouri increased energy and water efficiency at 12 facilities. Burns & McDonnell is providing ongoing measurement and verification services to the state as negotiated through an existing agreement. Further, the state will receive economic and environmental benefits for years through the project.

Emissions Reductions

The project’s annual environmental savings are projected to be:

  • 9,666 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • 29,518 pounds of nitrous oxide (NOx)
  • 59,078 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • 127,064 milligrams of mercury (Hg)
  • Replacement of chilled water plants at two facilities incorporating magnetic bearing frictionless chillers
  • Incorporation of energy efficient HVAC improvements, including demand ventilation, control system upgrades, variable frequency drives and condensing domestic water heater installation
  • High-efficiency lighting retrofits, including occupancy sensors
  • Low-flow plumbing retrofits
  • Expansion and enhancement of energy management system controls
  • Assist in the state’s effort to initiate a single-control system portal for all state-owned facilities
  • Retro-commissioning services at selected facilities
  • Management of 10 subcontractors and subconsultants
  • Construction management, including safety and health programs, quality assurance and site supervision