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Microbiology/Sterility Test Laboratory

Microbiology/Sterility Test Laboratory

Location: Melrose Park, Ill.

Client: APP Pharmaceuticals

APP Pharmaceuticals needed a new microbiology lab to support aseptic product manufacturing. Design development included the construction of clean rooms and employed isolation technology for sterility testing of product and media samples. Burns & McDonnell provided mechanical design, construction support and startup assistance for this project.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Process equipment
  • Construction support
  • Startup assistance

Once Burns & McDonnell completed component preparation modifications at the facility, APP engaged Burns & McDonnell to provide engineering, construction and startup assistance to renovate an abandoned 30-year-old chemistry laboratory located on the second floor above the current production and laboratory spaces.

The final design for this lab included:

  • Pass-through glassware washer
  • Pass-through autoclave
  • Cold room
  • Walk-in incubator
  • Class 10,000 sterility test suite with isolators
  • Type IIB2 biosafety cabinets
  • Water for injection loop, clean steam expansion and utility piping
  • HVAC and exhaust systems

The project team performed extensive verification of existing utilities and building conditions, which included reusing a roof-mounted air handling unit, replacing ductwork, adding high efficiency particulate air filters and installing a building management system.

  • Completed project safely and on time
  • Performed construction without disrupting plant operations
  • Realized substantial cost savings by reusing existing equipment
  • Performed intricate mechanical design due to spatial constraints