McDuff Avenue Electrical Improvements Project

Location: Jacksonville, Fla.

Client: JEA

Completion Date: Summer 2004

Burns & McDonnell prepared the distribution design for the McDuff Road Improvements in coordination with the Jacksonville Transit Authority road-widening project.

The objectives of this project were to design the conversions for existing overhead 26.4-kV electric utility lines to underground from the north side of Post Street to the north side of Waller Street located north of I-10, and to design the limited conversion 4-kV electric utility lines from overhead to underground. The project also involved integration of design with existing underground utilities; 69-kV pipe type cable, force main sewer, gravity sewer and storm drainage, water lines, JEA overhead fiber optic cable, AT&T and BellSouth communications and CATV.

The approach and scope of work was based on coordination of design requirements, Transit Authority requirements for the roadway improvements, and JEA priorities for improving the existing electrical distribution and lighting systems as related to practical cost constraints:

  • The only affected portion of electrical work was from Post Street to Beaver Street since there was no road widening or new curbs indicated on the roadway drawings for other portions of the road. Only milling and resurfacing took place between Roosevelt Boulevard and Post Street.
  • The design maintained a portion of the overhead electrical system along the entire project route since there was not sufficient real estate along the project route to perform a complete overhead to underground conversion. Sufficient real estate was identified for aboveground equipment such as pad-mounted switches and pad-mounted transformers.
  • The design provided for consolidating the existing multiple pole lines to a single overhead pole line distribution system on one side of the street.