Maintenance Hangar - Taiwan

Location: Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan

Client: China Airlines

Burns & McDonnell designed a 618,000-square-foot, three-bay maintenance hangar for China Airlines adjacent to an existing hangar previously designed by Burns & McDonnell. Two bays are for heavy maintenance and the third is for paint/strip and light maintenance. All bays are designed to accommodate B-747-400/200/SP, MD-11 and A-300-600R aircraft. The bays are outfitted with cranes, tail docks, fuselage docks, nose docks, wing docks, work stands, teleplatforms and an automatic storage and retrieval system. Support areas are on four levels, three aboveground and one basement level. The first and second floors contain shops, with administrative spaces on the third floor.

The hangar structural system consists of single-span conventional trusses spanning 160 meters fabricated from wide flange shapes. Lateral stability was provided by bottom chord bracing and vertical bracing in the rear and side walls. The central plant includes chilled water cooling system chillers and ice storage equipment, heat exchangers and pumps. Ventilation and process ventilation was provided for the shops. Other mechanical equipment includes freight and passenger elevators, an aircraft wash system, mechanical ramp services including compressed air and cold water, diesel generator auxiliaries for fuel supply, cooling water, combustion air, ventilation air and fire protection.

A Direct Digital Control system interfaces with the Central Control and Monitoring Station, providing monitoring and control of mechanical HVAC systems, including chillers, pumps, air compressors, fans, air-handlers, fire protection and detection systems, air pollution control, and emergency generators.