Maine Power Reliability Program Land Acquisition

Location: Central and Southern Maine

Client: Central Maine Power

Completion Date: 2014

Burns & McDonnell is providing transmission line design, routing and construction management for 437.5 miles of new or rebuilt 345-kV and 115-kV transmission lines, as well as the substation design, construction management and interface connections for five new substations and eight substation expansions. As part of the contract for program management services, Burns & McDonnell also provides planning, scheduling, procurement, environmental monitoring, document and project controls, and stakeholder management solutions for the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP).

Stakeholder Management Solutions

The Burns & McDonnell Stakeholder Management Solutions Group provides community relations, real estate management and right-of-way acquisition services for the MPRP. The size of the project, spanning more than 250 miles along Maine's coastline, impacts a large number of landowners, requiring the coordination and involvement of community relations and real estate specialists from beginning to end.

Additionally, Burns & McDonnell manages an independent team of subcontractors who conduct community relations and real estate outreach in the field and with local and state government officials. Among the project work being completed:

  • Acquired three federal and state permits and 76 local permits required to build
  • Managing project communications to more than 5,000 landowners and groups
  • Coordinating dispute resolution with the Public Utilities Commission ombudsman
  • Developing communication, outreach and marketing plans and materials
  • Planning project events from the $4,000 job fair to the $250,000 groundbreaking
  • Managing real estate negotiations, ownership data, and abutter inquiries and commitments through our proprietary OneTouchPM® and Contract Manager
  • Managing the identification, tracking and removal of encroachments
  • Obtaining and managing right-of-way acquisition and off right-of-way easements
  • Resolving issues to maintain low condemnation and eminent domain rate
  • Managing conveyance of environmental mitigation parcels

Stakeholder managment services:

  • Property acquisition
  • Encroachment identification and resolution
  • Condemnation management
  • Off right-of-way access road agreements
  • Mitigation parcel management
  • Surplus property disposition
  • Public involvement
  • Permitting
  • Landowner outreach
  • Dispute resolution
  • Municipal and governmental relations
  • Media relations
  • Public meetings
  • Project marketing
  • Event planning
  • 3,000 landowners and 4,000 abutting parcels
  • More than 2,000 public inquiries
  • 923 acquisitions
  • Eminent domain less than 1 percent, primarily for clearing title
  • 1,500 encroachment investigations and resolutions
  • 160 surplus properties to dispose 
  • 83 residential properties reviewed for demolition or resale potential 
  • 25 non-typical designs eliminated through extensive real estate acquisition negotiations, which impacted 325 structures and saved the project $25 million