Lost Lakes Wind Farm

Location: Dickinson County, Iowa

Client: Horizon Wind Energy

Completion Date: November 2009

Burns & McDonnell designed the 100-megawatts (MW), 34.5-kilovolt (kV) collection system and 34.5-kV/161-kV collector substation for the Lost Lakes Wind Farm in Dickinson County, Iowa. This project connects 100 MW of wind power to Midwest ISO (MISO) territory. The collection system also included four underground collection feeders. The 161-kV radial bus substation included construction support for the installation of a 161-kV breaker, a 34.5-kV/161-kV breaker, a 115 MVA step-up transformer, a 34.5-kV switchgear line-up and a 46-MVAR mechanically switched capacitor bank.

  • 34.5-kV collection system design
  • 34.5-kV/161-kV collector substation design
  • Major equipment and construction specifications

The Lost Lakes Wind Farm generates 100 MW of wind power with 61 V82 wind turbines, each producing 1.65 MW.

Burns & McDonnell designed the collection system to be installed in an area with a network of drainage tiles of varying sizes and depths. The project involved rerouting the collection system due to several non-participating landowners, which increased the length of the collection feeders. Burns & McDonnell rerouted the cables below the network of drain tiles after studying what design alternative would be the most cost-effective and constructible.

The collector substation adjacent to the future interconnection switchyard was designed to be connected through a rigid bus. Since the interconnecting utility did not have the interconnect switchyard designed and constructed in 2009, Burns & McDonnell designed an interim connection to tap into the existing, 161-kV Triboji-Wisdom line.