Little Blue Parkway - 39th to Route 24

Little Blue Parkway - 39th to Route 24

Location: Independence, Mo.

Client: City of Independence

Completion Date: 2007

The proposed Little Blue Parkway corridor alignment identified in the Missouri River Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been divided into seven phases (Phase 4 through 10) for final design and construction. Preliminary plans based on conceptual information included in the EIS have been completed for the entire corridor.

Phase 4 is from 39th Street at the existing intersection of 39th and Selsa Road running north to R.D. Mize Road. Final Design for this phase is in permitting and quantity calculation stages. This portion of the project is a transition section to accommodate the transition from a four-lane urban arterial to a four-lane divided rural roadway. Roadway issues considered on the project include horizontal and vertical alignments to accommodate a railroad grade separation and two Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regulated stream crossings. Preliminary storm drainage of minor structures was also included. Preliminary bridge design was completed to confirm adequate clearance for trains and flood debris at the design storm.

A roundabout at the intersection of Little Blue Parkway and R.D. Mize was analyzed and will be included in the final plans. A review of alternatives for local access included Necessary Road east of Little Blue Parkway from 39th to R.D. Mize Road and a Selsa Road connection from the existing road west of Little Blue Parkway to the proposed Necessary Road connection was completed to facilitate coordination with developers. Burns & McDonnell is providing final design for the Selsa Road connection to be included with Phase 4 final design.

Preliminary plans based on conceptual information in the EIS for Phases 5 through 10 extend northward from R.D. Mize Road to U.S. 24 Highway. This project continues the four-lane divided rural roadway section developed in the transition section. Preliminary intersection design will be completed at Necessary Road, Truman Road, Highway 78, Bundschu Road and U.S. 24. A temporary connection to U.S. 24 will be made using the existing Powell Road Intersection allowing prior to construction of a new interchange at Little Blue Parkway and U.S. 24 when Little Blue Parkway is extended north into Jackson County. The interchange will be designed so that right-of-way and easements may be determined. All aspects of design affecting the determination of right-of-way and easements were taken into consideration including, drainage structures, ditches, bridges and intersection road improvements. Phases 5, 9 and 10 are in right-of-way update phases.

  • Conceptual plans
  • Preliminary roadway design
  • Preliminary bridge design
  • FEMA design
  • Drainage
  • Roundabout design
  • Retaining walls