Lindbergh/Lemay Ferry Intersection Design & Study

Location: South St. Louis County, Mo.

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation, District 6

Traffic congestion is severe at the Lindbergh Boulevard and Lemay Ferry Road intersection in a fully developed urban area of south St. Louis County, Mo. The average daily traffic in the area is almost 28,000 vehicles per day, and the signalized intersection lacks capacity for this amount of traffic. Burns & McDonnell was retained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to develop right-of-way and final construction plans for the reconstruction of the intersection. In addition, the project included studying location alternatives and preparing design plans for back-access roads to eliminate a number of commercial entrances within the intersection functional area.

Burns & McDonnell used MoDOT’s new Access Management guidelines to develop four alternatives for locating access roads and presented them to business owners at a public meeting for input before having a formal open house about the project. Alternatives ranged from locating the access roads at the minimum distance from the intersection to exceeding the minimum guidelines for no-right-of-access right-of-way.

Reconstruction of the intersection consisted of one- or two-lane additions at each approach in order to provide dual left-turn lanes and exclusive right-turn lanes. New raised concrete medians, curb and gutter, sidewalks, enclosed storm drainage systems, traffic signals, overhead signing and lighting will be constructed as part of this project. Since right-of-way was very tight in this commercially developed area, care will be taken to minimize right-of-way acquisition and property impacts.