Lindbergh Boulevard/Natural Bridge Road Interchange

Location: St. Louis

Client: City of St. Louis Board of Public Service, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

Completion Date: 2003

The proposed expansion of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport required relocation of Lindbergh Boulevard. A proposed third parallel runway was to be constructed over Lindbergh Boulevard, requiring the street to be moved to a site between I-70 and a proposed tunnel under the new runway. Natural Bridge Road was also relocated to the south, with a new interchange and folder diamond interchange with Lindbergh Boulevard.

Natural Bridge Road was designed as a minor arterial roadway with a 40-mph design speed. It provided five 12-foot lanes, including a dual turn lane with 10-foot-wide shoulders. Lindbergh Boulevard will be designed as a major arterial with a 50-mph design speed, providing six 12-foot lanes, plus acceleration and deceleration lanes and a concrete median burner.

Traffic signals were provided at each ramp termini on Natural Bridge Road. Signing and lighting were also to be provided. All design work was in accordance with the Missouri Department of Transportation's (MoDOT's) design criteria and standards. In addition, stormwater design will be in accordance with the Metropolitan Sewer District's design criteria and standards. There are several major utilities to be relocated including water, high-pressure gas and both overhead and underground electric and communications cables.

The proposed project met all federal regulations (FAR) Port 77 Surface Clearance for Airfields. All work was coordinated with other design consultants for Natural Bridge east, Natural Bridge west, Lindbergh temporary bypass, tunnel and the general grading project.

  • Right-of-way plans
  • Geometric design
  • Drainage design
  • Grading plans
  • Retaining wall design
  • Bridge design