Landfill Monitoring Information System

Landfill Monitoring Information System

Location: San Diego

Client: Allied Waste Industries Inc.

Landfill management requires frequent periodic reports for regulatory compliance. With several years of historic data to manage and new data collected quarterly, Allied Waste Industries needed an easy way to create and access standardized tables and graphs for each regulatory reporting period.

Burns & McDonnell determined how the data was organized when received from the analytical laboratory. Then we designed a database to accept the information. We designed tabular reports and graphs that would be automatically generated when the data was updated, then automated the process of importing new data from the lab. Finally, we developed a convenient graphical user interface for the project staff to perform all these functions.

Although this database was originally designed for tracking groundwater monitoring data, we have adapted it to provide similar functionality for other clients. Because our clients control the flow of information into and from the database, it is an ideal tool for many information management needs.

  • Database design
  • Application development

Primary technologies used:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Basic