Lake Road Unit 6 Precipitator Replacement

Location: St. Joseph, Mo.

Client: St. Joseph Light & Power Co.

Burns & McDonnell provided engineering services for a turnkey particulate control construction contract to replace the existing precipitator on Boiler 6 at the Lake Road Power Plant. The plant is owned by St. Joseph Light and Power Company and is rated at 102 MW.

The new precipitator consists of new discharge electrodes and related support systems, rappers, transformer/rectifiers, automatic voltage controls, hopper appurtenances and a heated purge air system. The size of the precipitator was increased to include a fourth mechanical/electrical field to improve removal efficiency and maintain compliance when burning low-sulfur western coals without the use of SO3 gas conditioning. A three-dimensional gas flow model study was performed for the new ductwork arrangement to improve precipitator performance. The replacement precipitator was constructed in the same location as the existing precipitator during a normal turbine overhaul outage.

Burns & McDonnell designed modifications to the existing foundations to allow reuse of the existing support steel without the addition of new pilings at existing column locations. The existing foundation capacity was increased by installing new grade beams and a structural slab at grade. New pile-supported foundations were also designed for the precipitator extension and for the new outlet ductwork.