Keystone Substation

Location: Shelocta, Pa.

Client: FirstEnergy

Completion Date: 2009

Burns & McDonnell performed engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning and construction management for a 230-kV breaker addition to support two new 230-kV underground cables at Keystone Substation in
Shelocta, Pa. 

  • Engineering design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Construction management

Keystone Power Plant, owned by Reliant Energy, installed two flue gas desulfurization scrubber units. This required the addition of two 230-kV underground transmission lines into Keystone Substation. The substation consisted of two 500-kV/230-kV transformer banks feeding one 230-kV line. In order to accommodate the new lines, low-side breakers were installed on each of the two transformer banks, creating two independent 230-kV buses, and new line breakers were installed for each of the new underground lines. 

Burns & McDonnell was responsible for all phases of design including foundations, raceway, grounding, control building, one-lines, schematics and wiring diagrams. This project involved the complete design, procurement and construction of the substation on an aggressive schedule. Burns & McDonnell received input from First Energy crews on construction, testing and commissioning activities. Burns & McDonnell worked closely with material suppliers and its electrical subcontractor to deliver the project on time. 

  • Installed four new 230-kV power circuit breakers
  • Replaced one 230-kV power circuit breaker
  • Replaced existing transformer protection on two 500-kV/230-kV
    transformer banks
  • Installed new primary and backup bus protection on two new 230-kV buses