Kansas Gas Service MGP Source Removal

Kansas Gas Service MGP Source Removal

Location: Kansas City, Kan.

Client: ONEOK Inc.

Completion Date: Ongoing

The primary objective of this project was to remove manufactured gas plant (MGP) source materials from two former gas holders. The gas holders, along with the rest of the MGP facility, were constructed in the 1870s and operated until the mid-1900s. Each holder is cylindrical, about 20 feet deep and 45 to 50 feet in diameter. When the MGP facility was retired, demolition debris, along with old hot water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, whiskey bottles, etc., were dumped into the holders and covered with soil, on top of the residual coal tar and oil still in the holders.

  • Interim remedial action
  • MGP source removal
  • Permitting
  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Perimeter air monitoring
  • Waste acceptance sampling and analysis
  • Reporting

About 4,200 tons of soil material were excavated for thermal treatment and disposal at the DustCoating Inc. facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Metallic waste and debris was segregated during excavation for disposal as hazardous waste at Clean Harbors' facility at Lone Mountain, Okla. Several thousand gallons of coal oil and tar was extracted from the holders as well as from other pipes and vaults at the site and subsequently consolidated with inert soil material to meet disposal criteria at the thermal treatment facility.

Much of the effort was consolidating the heavily impacted materials at the bottom of each holder with lesser impacted soil in the upper portion in order to make the material non-hazardous for transportation and disposal. In accordance with state regulations, soil must pass TCLP-benzene and paint filter test criteria before being shipped off-site.

The project started October 30, 2002. Excavation, blending of MGP material and loadout was completed by November 27, 2002. Backfill and site restoration were completed by December 20, 2002. The $400,000-plus contract was a combination lump sum/unit price.