Jimah Power Project

Jimah Power Project

Location: Johore, Malaysia

Client: Jimah Power Sdn. Bhd.

Completion Date: 2009

The Jimah Power Project consists of a nominal 1,400-MW power plant and high-voltage interconnection facilities. The power plant includes two 700-MW steam-electric coal-fired units, a coal system with storage and handling facilities, and a 500/275-kV switchyard. The project was developed and is owned and operated by Jimah Power Sdn. Bhd. The project also included the high-voltage work necessary to connect the plant to the grid, including approximately 100 kilometers of transmission lines and the extension of an existing 500/275-kV substation.

The plant is near the mouth of the Sungai Sepong Beson River, district of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The project included extensive dredging, land reclamation and soil improvement activities.

All project engineering, procurement and construction services were provided by a consortium of Sumitomo Corp. of Japan and Sumi-Power Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia. Under subcontracts to the consortium, Toshiba Corp. provided the steam-turbine generators, and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. provided project engineering and supplied boilers and associated equipment. Air pollution control equipment includes low-NOx burners, electrostatic precipitators and seawater flue gas desulfurization equipment provided with each boiler.

Bituminous and sub-bituminous coal fuel for the plant is imported from countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Coal is transported to the site via ocean-cargo vessels and a jetty was constructed for the berthing of 150,000-ton bulk carriers.

  • Technical assessment report for bankers
  • Review and comment on all project agreements
  • Periodic site visits and progress reports
  • Certify milestone payment requests
  • Consulting on project issues
  • Review and approve performance test procedures
  • Witness performance tests and prepare reports
  • Conduct operational audits