Jet Fuel Terminal - Austin, Texas

Jet Fuel Terminal - Austin, Texas

Location: Bastrop County, Texas

Client: Flint Hills Resources

Completion Date: 2006

Burns & McDonnell was retained by Flint Hills Resources to design and construct a new jet fuel terminal on a 125-acre, green field parcel of land in Bastrop County, Texas. The purpose of the new facility is to fulfill temporary jet fuel storage requirements for fuel pumped from an existing Koch pipeline to serve Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Burns & McDonnell successfully met the objectives of the project by providing the following:

  • Spur pipeline connection to the existing Koch Pipeline cross country pipeline
  • Pipeline receipt to properly inventory fuel transfer (including receipt meter and meter prover)
  • Jet fuel storage tanks of sufficient capacity
  • Dispensing filtration and reconditioning of jet fuel
  • Two truck loading racks with provisions for two additional future truck loading racks
  • Flexibility for future facility expansion (including provisions for three 65,000 BBL tanks and 13 future additive tanks)

Civil Design-Build Services

The civil components included design and construction of a shallow, concrete ring wall foundation with granular aggregate backfill to support the tank structures. Burns & McDonnell also graded an earth berm around the tanks to accommodate the spill containment requirements associated with the new tank. To provide additional spill containment protection, Burns & McDonnell incorporated a geosynthetic clay liner, underlying crushed rock, to minimize potential future disturbance, protect the liner from ultraviolet degradation, and reduce future maintenance requirements. Two ramps were constructed over the berm to allow ingress and egress for trucks pulling Baker/frac tanks.  Liner protection also included seals at all penetrations (piping, foundations, supports, etc.) and stainless steel termination strips at tank foundations (inside and outside); dike access stairs; and tie-ins to valved storm drain outlet discharge structures.

As part of the civil/site prep work, the construction included a new paved roadway entrance to accommodate tanker truck access and modifications to an existing arterial connection (Mount Olive Road). These modifications included realignment, roadway widening to meet current Bastrop County standards, replacement of an existing low water crossing with new concrete box culverts, and the addition of dedicated left- and right-turn lanes at the intersection of the arterial connector and an adjoining state highway (State Highway 21). Before construction, Burns & McDonnell coordinated with and obtained approval from the Bastrop County Engineer and Texas Highway Department for all of the required road work.

Architectural & Structural Design-Build Services

As part of this project, Burns & McDonnell designed and constructed four buildings:

  • Operations building
  • Fire pump building
  • Terminal motor control center building
  • Pipeline motor control center building

For each of these structures, Burns & McDonnell provided all required architectural and structural services before constructing the building.