Jet Fuel Storage Complex, Parking Apron, Hush House

Jet Fuel Storage Complex, Parking Apron, Hush House

Location: Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

Client: Illinois Air National Guard

Burns & McDonnell was responsible for the complete engineering and design of the jet fuel storage complex, aircraft parking apron and T-9 hush house to support 11 KC-135 refueling tankers. The project was part of the relocation of the Illinois Air National Guard from O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, to Scott Air Force Base.

The storage complex provided a 1,200 gallons per minute, Type III (Phillips) constant pressure JP-8 hydrant refueling system. It included two 5,000-barrel vertical aboveground welded steel fuel storage tanks, two 600 gallons per minute issue pumps, two truck transport unloading stations, one station for loading an R-11 refueler, a 4,000-gallon underground product recovery tank, a 1,650-square-foot POL building, enclosed pumphouse, and piping connections and appurtenances to the bulk fuel receiving system and fuel supply/return piping interconnections to the new hydrant pits. The project also included all required controls, fire protection systems, leak detection system, grounding and electrical distribution systems, and cathodic protection systems.

The aircraft parking apron provided about 103,000 square yards of structural concrete pavement to park and taxi aircraft. Utility systems include a stormwater system with oil/water separators and storage tank for environmental compliance, a deicing pad with containment and storage system and an aircraft washrack with recovery, containment and treatment distribution system. Electrical support systems include apron lighting, taxiway edge lighting, signage and fixed ground power pits.

The T-9 hush house design included site development, foundations, fuel supply systems, water supply and fire protection system, electrical distribution, and communication systems.