Jet Engine Test Facility - United Arab Emirates

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Client: General Electric International Inc.

Completion Date: 2007

Burns & McDonnell is under contract with General Electric International Inc., as the design firm/construction manager for a 6,000-square-meter jet engine test facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Final testing and commissioning activities are under way for the Emirates Airlines engine test facility. This test facility will test a variety of aircraft engines having up to 150,000 pounds of thrust. The main objective in constructing this facility is to provide for increasing engine shop visits resulting from fleet growth. By the 2012 forecasted scheduled engine removals for maintenance may reach over 200.

This state-of-the-art facility combines a turbo-fan engine and an APU preparation and functional test facility for evaluating aircraft engines and APU performance, mechanical integrity and operational characteristics in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures. The criteria following overhaul, repair and other maintenance will be the largest in the Middle East. The facility can accommodate as many as 500 engines and APU tests annually.

The Dubai test facility is located at Academic City Road in Lehbab Area. Engines will be transported by truck from the Dubai Airport engine repair facility for testing. The facility has two sections: the engine preparation area and offices and the test cell section.

The “U” configuration turbofan test cell is comprises a 22-meter-high intake stack, a 37-meter-long, 13-meter-square cross-section test cell chamber, a 26-meter-long augmenter section and a 26-meter-high exhaust stack, all of which are heavy and thick reinforced concrete construction. Both stacks will include acoustical elements to reduce the noise levels around the facility to acceptable limits. The total volume of concrete used to construct the complete cell is roughly 5,000 cubic meters reinforced with approximately 750 tons of steel.

The engine preparation area and offices section is an 88-meter-long by 37-meter-wide by 17-meter-high prefabricated steel building with insulated profiled cladding. The largest space in this building is dedicated to six universal engine preparation work stations.