Jet Engine Overhaul & Maintenance Facility - China

Location: Xiamen, China

Client: General Electric

Burns & McDonnell teamed with the China Aeronautical Project and Design Institute to provide design and construction services for a 80,000-square-foot jet engine overhaul and maintenance facility for General Electric. With a 12-meter cross section, the facility houses all repair operations related to jet engine maintenance and overhaul, and includes an administrative area, engine prep area and shop floor in addition to the engine test cell.

The aerospace manufacturing facility features a continuous-flow engine-handling system that uses monorails to move engines through a maintenance and repair assembly line. Engines then move to the test cell for testing and acceptance. The complex also includes an industrial waste treatment plant that uses filtration, recycling, and membrane and evaporation technologies to protect the environment from the byproducts of the maintenance and repair operation. The facility tests, maintains and repairs GE’s commercial jet engines.