Isothermal Reactor

Isothermal Reactor

Location: Rock Springs, Wyo.

Client: Simplot Phosphates

Completion Date: 2011

Detailed layout and structural design of foundations, steel support structure, stair tower and associated pipe/duct supports for a new isothermal reactor. Fit between existing structures, the project included a full 3D model to ensure that there were no interferences with the existing structures.

  • Foundation design
  • Structural steel design
  • 3D modeling

Simplot Phosphates needed to install a new isothermal reactor to serve its existing phosphoric acid plant. Using existing vacuum and feed tanks required placing the new reactor between existing structures. A full 3D model allowed successful fitting of the new reactor and associated ductwork and piping into the tight space.

The reactor is supported by a 12-sided steel structure. The 35-foot diameter vessel has an operating weight of 6 million pounds and is supported 27 feet above grade and extends to 75 feet above grade. Other structures included a penthouse structure on top of the reactor, a 90-foot tall stair tower, a 60-inch diameter duct support truss spanning 90 feet on 75-foot tall towers. The duct had to be designed for support under fully plugged conditions, a load of 3,100 pounds/foot.

  • Foundations
  • Reactor weight of approximately 6 million pounds
  • 3D modeling
  • Tight space constraints
  • 90-foot stair tower