Intermodal Transportation Planning Study

Intermodal Transportation Planning Study

Location: Branson, Mo.

Client: Southwest Missouri Advisory Council of Local Governments

The Branson, Mo., region has experienced rapid growth due to the area's identity as a country music entertainment center. Stone and Taney counties, which make up the Branson area, cover 1,150 square miles and welcome 10 million visitors annually.

Traffic analysis within the Branson area is complicated by intersections with approaches exceeding 15 percent and sight distances under 50 feet. In addition to these extremes, 40 percent to 45 percent of traffic consists of nonresidents traveling in large vehicles, such as recreation vehicles, vans and tour buses.

The study examined travel needs of the local populace and tourists, as well as entry modes for tourists (air, rail, over-the-road coach and automobile) and the area's freight needs.

  • Public involvement
  • Traffic engineering