Interactive Map & Project Web Site

Interactive Map & Project Web Site

Location: Collinsville, Okla.

Client: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

The Oklahoma Dept of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) hired Burns & McDonnell to perform an environmental site characterization for a former refinery and smelter facility in Collinsville, Okla. The contaminants of concern were metals that had impacted surface water or soil groundwater. In order to coordinate the work efforts between Burns & McDonnell and ODEQ, Burns & McDonnell created a project Web site that allowed access to progress reports, site photos and the project schedule. The project Web site was opened to the public at a later time.

An interactive map was added to the project Web site to give users the opportunity to retrieve sampling data and organize sampling efforts. Additional information including basemap data and aerial photography for the entire study area is also available via the interactive map.

The labors necessary for the creation of the interactive map included the conversion of the field data to a spatial format and routine updates as new field data was received and project documents were created.

The emphasis of the project Web site was to create a process that would allow quick and easy routine updates as they came from the field. This solution was more cost-efficient than providing the field crew with equipment that would allow them to update data in the field as collection efforts progressed.

  • Application development
  • Geodatabase management
  • Data conversion
  • Internet services

Primary technologies used:

  • ArcGIS
  • ArcIMS
  • Microsoft Frontpage