Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System

Location: Olathe, Kan.

Client: Johnson County Transit

Completion Date: 2005

Johnson County Transit initiated a project to equip its 80 buses with advanced transit system capabilities. These capabilities included automatic vehicle location, voice annunciators, automated passenger counters, on-board cameras and traffic signal pre-emption capability.

Other system requirements were to provide on-the-fly vehicle reports, real-time mapping of bus locations, creation of driver/bus manifests, provide internet access to schedules by the passengers, predicted arrival service, passenger notification, computer aided dispatching, route optimization software and historical trip data.

  • Needs analysis
  • RFP development
  • Vendor selection

Johnson County Transit (JCT) is a division of the Johnson County Department of Infrastructure and Transportation that administers fixed-route and curb-to-curb transportation service in Johnson County, Kan. Burns & McDonnell was hired to design the advanced transit system and develop a Request for Proposal (RFP). The project began with the development of a comprehensive needs analysis generated after stakeholder interviews. An outstanding requirement was to ensure that system selected complimented the existing ITS infrastructure in the Kansas City area. This included the interconnection of the new JCT system with the rest of the area’s initiatives. Burns & McDonnell qualified vendors for the job. An RFP was created that reflected the priority requirements along with those longer-term needs.

It was determined that the existing land mobile radio frequencies could be used for this application as long as the bandwidth requirements did not exceed the frequency allotment. Other communication options were to lease capacity from a local land mobile radio provider, install a new radio system on an existing county-owned tower or use cellular carrier services.

Burns & McDonnell performed a vendor bid evaluation using a weighted selection matrix. Vendor interviews were conducted between JCT, Burns & McDonnell, and the bidders. After some bid clarification, a vendor was recommended and project costs were clearly established.