Industrial Substation & Transmission Work

Location: Middletown, Ohio

Client: AK Steel Corp.

The substation and transmission lines were needed to provide power for AK’s new oxygen plant at its steel works in Middletown, Ohio. This was a design-build (turnkey) project with New River Electric Corp. serving as the construction contractor. Equipment procurement, design, construction and testing of this project was completed within nine months.

The design was for a new 132/13.2-kV substation, with a 132-kV SF6 breaker and a 132/13.2-kV 25 MVA transformer feeding a lineup of 15-kV 750 MVA outdoor metal clad switch gear. This project included equipment removal and structure changes to an existing 132-kV substation and modification of three existing 13.2-kV substations. Burns & McDonnell performed site grading design, including transformer oil containment, foundation design, grounding, ductbank design, specifications for the steel structures and construction, and coordination of the transformer, PCB and switch gear electrical connection diagrams.

The transmission line design consisted of single-circuit 132-kV steel poles from an existing AKS substation to the new substation. Burns & McDonnell was responsible for transmission line routing, structure location and conceptual design, foundation design, material specifications, steel structure specifications, and construction specification.